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Private Boutique

Join us for one of Cave & Canyon's exclusive shopping events in our brand new private studio. Featuring crystals, grids, hand made singing bowls, wares from local craftspeople and more. Tarot and Reiki sessions will be available in the private reading room during opening hours.


Classes & Workshops

Cave & Canyon now offers classes and workshops in the private boutique. From Tarot to Crystal Gridding and beyond, Cave & Canyon brings you talented instructors who are passionate about sharing their modalities with you in a warm and welcoming environment.

Tarot Cards, Tarot Sessons, Reiki Sessions

Tarot & Reiki

Cave & Canyon is pleased to offer our magical private reading room for Tarot Readings and Reiki sessions with sessions with gifted intuitives and healers. Available during exclusive shopping events, your appointments can be secured in advance by booking online.

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