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Crystal Gridding 101 - Creating Your First Crystal Grid

Cave & Canyon Crystal Grid with Honey Calcite Pyramid

Welcome to the wonderful world of crystal grids. Soon we will have resources available for you to learn all about Sacred Geometry, Crystals and the background behind grids, but in the meantime, let’s jump right in with both feet!

Okay, you have your stones, and your sacred geometry, and you’re ready to start manifesting! Where do you start?

With housekeeping! Find a safe location to place your grid where it will not be disturbed. Cleanse this space. Some cleansing methods include smudging, singing bowls or placing crystal clusters in the area. Feel free to create ambiance by adding candles, music, incense and

more. This is your sacred space – make it your own!

This is where things get fun: Decide on your purpose for the grid. Do you want a boost of confidence for your upcoming job interview? Are you working on opening up your heart to prepare for a new relationship? Maybe you just would like some positive energy in your home. Gridding begins with your clear intentions. It can be helpful to write down what you hope to manifest when creating your grid. You may choose to put these thoughts down on a piece of paper and place it under the grid itself.

Befriend your stones. Once you have your intentions in mind, quiet your thoughts, gently holding your chosen stones, and ask them to assist you in your purpose. The stones have wisdom, and they react exceptionally well when asked politely for help.

Place those crystal babes! Use your intuition to place crystals on the grid, powerful points being where lines in your chosen geometry intersect. Simply go with the flow and do what feels right.

Charge your Master Crystal. Holding your master (centre) crystal in your hands, ask for help in pulling the energy of all the stones together to achieve your goal. Once it feels right, place this stone in the centre of your grid.

Weave your magic! Using a quartz point or other crystal you feel drawn to, once again, gather your intentions and ask the stone for assistance. Using whichever hand is comfortable, point this crystal at your centre (Master) crystal and begin weaving the energies by following the lines of your sacred geometry, connecting each stone in a clockwise direction. Once you get back to where you have started, your grid is complete!

Give thanks. Relax and centre yourself. Visualize your goal having been achieved with a calm and positive mind. Say a prayer of gratitude.

Your sacred geometry grid board can be used over and over again with different stones and intentions by following the steps above.

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